game log

playoffs ✧ round two ✧ v. DAL

may 2 ✧ final score 5 - 4 ✧ win
may 4 ✧ final score 2 - 4
may 7 ✧ final score 7 - 2 ✧ win
may 9 ✧ final score 3 - 6
may 11 ✧ final score 2 - 5
may 13 ✧ final score 6 - 3 ✧ win
may 15 ✧ final score 1 - 2

playoffs ✧ round one ✧ v. COL

apr 18 ✧ final score 3 - 1 ✧ win
apr 20 ✧ final score 2 - 3
apr 22 ✧ final score 4 - 6
apr 24 ✧ final score 3 - 2 ✧ win
apr 26 ✧ final score 3 - 2 ✧ win
apr 28 ✧ final score 1 - 4
apr 30 ✧ final score 2 - 1 ✧ win

a small note to say this was incredibly emotional. absolutely wonderful. they mean everything to me

regular season ends

apr 13 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. VGK

final score 1 - 3home game

apr 11 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. VGK

final score 1 - 4away game

apr 10 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. ARI

final score 4 - 1away game

apr 8 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. CHI

final score 7 - 3home game

apr 6 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. ARI

final score 4 - 2home game

absolutely fantastic to have a three game win streak lead directly into clinching a playoffs spot at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was just absolutely so electric

apr 4 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. VAN

final score 5 - 2away game

apr 3 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. ARI

final score 8 - 1home game

another one that was just so, so much fun to watch. mccann had 2 of 8 goals for the night and it was his 500th career game and it was great to see both donato and borgen score too!! it's always so much fun to have a constant "ANOTHER?!" reaction

apr 1 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. LAK

final score 1 - 3home game

mar 30 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. ANA

final score 4 - 1away game

mar 27 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. MIN

final score 1 - 5away game

mar 25 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. NSH

final score 7 - 2away game

this one was incredible. i was actually traveling home after being in seattle for my birthday and not knowing what was happening as i was practically racing to get home was really just. so very something. it was amazing to see the turnaround between the game on the 23rd, and the fact that tolvanen got 2 of the 7 goals was fantastic!!

mar 23 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. NSH

final score 1 - 2away game

mar 21 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. DAL

final score 5 - 4away game

mar 18 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. EDM

final score 4 - 6home game

i was at this game and that's all that matters :]

mar 16 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. SJS

final score 2 - 1away game

i'll be traveling to the west side on the 16th so i will likely be going crazy since i dont think i can watch this game. rude timing tbh. edit: they won!! which was great!!

mar 13 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. DAL

final score 2 - 5home game

And It Gets Worse. embarassing the only good thing to come out of this game was the fact that yanni got a goal and thats it. bye

mar 11 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. DAL

final score 3 - 4home game

somehow even more upsetting, the early goals were um. BAD. im glad it went into OT but it was such a nightmare world the whole time. we couldve.. won this one...

mar 9 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. OTT

final score 4 - 5home game

upsetting!!! upsetting!!!!!!!! i dislike the senators Very much. frustrating.

mar 7 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. ANA

final score 5 - 2home game

very epic very cool this was a great one however the amount of ouch's not good and dunn deserved better fr. idk why they didnt do anything when he was hurt That bad but SKVFDV ok. ok..

mar 5 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. COL

final score 5 - 3away game

very very epic close to a road trip where we did not miss ONCE!!! this game was soo close i was going crazy i thought for sure we had it at first, then for sure we were going to lose, and then. then of course the 3rd period was INSANE. tanev tied the goals in the last two minutes, then yanni won it for us in OT -- the avs didnt even get the puck once!!! crazy. very cool love to see it

mar 3 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. CBJ

final score 5 - 3away game

i had friends who saw this game in person!!! they're big CBJ fans.. while i do not have many strong feelings for the team, im happy that it was a good game! i was worried for a min bc it really did seem like it was gonna be close LOL and of course all the love for bjorkstrand being back in columbus was rlly sweet to see

mar 2 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. DET

final score 5 - 3away game

another one i do not fully remember all of BUT still very epic. yay win moment. i think this is the one where i was hoping a hat trick may occur but alas sdfkvdh

feb 28 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. STL

final score 5 - 3away game

i dont remember much about this one either besides very epic win very good love to see it. very cool that oleksiak got a goal!!

feb 26 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. TOR

final score 1 - 5home game

i was sad about this one too.. playing catch up on these entries rn so i really do not remember much abt it besides being sad LOL

feb 23 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. BOS

final score 5 - 6home game

ok. ok. i thought for sure we would at LEAST be an OT loss/win but. ok.. this was definitely the most insane game i've watched yet energy-wise which was exciting but man i wish hrgh. IT'S FINE. i'm normal about everything most certainly.

feb 20 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. SJS

final score 0 - 4away game

i simply do not wish to talk about it. (ˆ is wailing forever and ever, in clownshoes, sadly and clownishly)

feb 18 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. DET

final score 4 - 2home game

FUN TIME!! i attempted to do a drinking game based on the kraken discord server's bingo but so much happened i think i would have died. the whole time i was on the edge of my seat tbh everything felt very fast and aggressive! yanni should have been allowed to fight red wings #8 in the second period fr. i was also hoping maybe ebs would get a hat trick... the dads trip going on was so cute to see and every time they showed the dad club at the game my friends and i would cheer!! very excited to see this win streak keep going, fingers crossed!!!

feb 16 ✧ 2023 ✧ SEA v. PHI

final score 6 - 2home game

great game to start this off on; what a night!! i was hoping it would be a shutout, but that's definitely ok, esp. since the flyers are probably my 2nd fav team hehe . everyone did such a good job and beniers and yanni were EXTRA VERY COOL tonight!!!!!! also, the fight in the last 10 sec of the game felt a bit like a cartoon which was fun. yanni getting the big star and post-game on ice interview was a great end!! (also, i watched this game with a friend who will be leaving town. very glad i got to watch a game with him before he leaves ♥)